Mrs. Day's Class

Welcome to

Mrs. Day's

1st grade class 


I am  so excited about this year and all the new things we will be learning and experiencing together.  Some of the things we will be learning will be reading, retelling a story, characters, settings and comprehension.   We will learn how to write our thoughts on paper, into stories, graphs, letters and so on.  In math we will learn our addition and subtraction facts, graphing, sequencing and so much more. 

I love for my parents to be involved and when the class sees that we are all working together they will want to try even harder.  The parents can help out at home by encouraging your child and praise them during homework time.  Ask your child about their day and ask them what they have learned that day.

My class is a positive and rewarding class and  I love to have "celebrations" for the students that have successfully accomplished a goal or have been caught doing good.  The "celebrations" are as simple as a pat on the back, a class cheer, a note of accomplishment or certificate.  I have high expectations for my class in academics and behavior and by working together they are going to achieve more than you can imagine.

I can't wait to get started!!!


Mrs. Day

1st grade