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Student Groups / Activities


Safety Patrol- These students help monitor the hallways as well help kids exit their cars safely in the morning. 


Stage Crew- These students help set up props and seating for all school events.


Green Team- These students help gather recycling bins throughout the entire building.


Gardening Team- These students help with the planting and maintaining of the outdoor classroom area.


Ladies and Gents- Using the Great Expectation Model, these students welcome guests as they enter the building.


Mentors- These students help younger students in the building based on teacher needs.


Philanthropy- These students work with the guidance counselor to help others in the community.  


Computer Club- These students work help run the Fab Friday school assemblies as well as help Kindergarten and 1st grade students in the computer lab.


Library Aides- These students help shelf books in the library during their recess time.


Academic Club- These students practice as a team to compete in several grade level challenges throughout the district.


Honor Choir-(5th Grade only)- These students practice with the music teacher to perform several times throughout the school year.