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Subjects Taught

Subjects Taught in the 4th Grade

A. Reading – We will be using the basal reader along with various novel units. 


B. Math – The highlights of our math curriculum are multiplication facts 0–12, double digit multiplication, long division, adding and subtraction fractions, and calculating elapsed time.


C. Language Arts – This is grammar and writing curriculum. Students will be applying the grammar learned in their daily writing.  Students will be writing narrative, descriptive, persuasive and information text.  


D. Social Studies – The goals for 4th graders in social studies is to gain knowledge about the country around Oklahoma. Social Studies will be taught every other quarter.


E. Science – We will be learning about many exciting concepts this year in science including the Ecosystem, water cycle, recycling, rock cycle, motion, and light!


F. Spelling - Words will come from our basal reader. During novels, we may use vocabulary as our spelling words or a basal spelling book. You can find our lists on Spelling City.